Poor in Israel

Gifts of Life and Love

Israel is a beautiful land full of amazing people with a rich history that has affected the whole world. While Israel is an amazing and fascinating place, there are many poor in Israel that are suffering daily from lack of basic necessities, such as clean water, adequate food and shelter. As one of the only democratic societies in the Middle East, Israel has welcomed many who are escaping poverty and oppression with open arms, those who are in search of peace and a safe place to call their own. While Israel is and has been this for many, the journey is not completely devoid of struggle and hardship. The poor in Israel lack the resources to build and maintain the quality of life in which they seek.

Holocaust Haven

Many Holocaust victims now call Israel their home. Israel has an aging Jewish Holocaust population that immigrated from Russia in previous years. These victims spent the first years of their lives subjected to the horrors of the Jewish Holocaust and were able to move to Israel in hopes of a better life. These Holocaust survivors are aging and in need of supplemental resources to assist with their increasing health care.

Not by Bread Alone

There is a growing population of youth and their families in Israel who are homeless or otherwise affected by being poor in Israel. Although this population needs many resources, they often fall through the cracks of society and don’t receive the help they so direly need. These children who are on their own or among families cannot afford to buy what they need, will greatly benefit from your contributions; great and small. Youth require proper nutrition to excel at school and to make the most of every opportunity available. Your contribution dollars will go directly to them and their families for their nutritional, educational and for supplemental programs that greatly enrich them and their families. Giving to organizations that specifically reach out to these young people are essential to their survival, as many of them have no other course of action.
The poor in Israel will greatly benefit and appreciate every penny that is given to them. Israel is an exciting and intriguing multi-dimensional country and contributes to the world in so many ways through science, education, and humanitarianism. Every monetary gift of love will certainly replicate, multiply and be sent out again to the world.