Day Tours in Barcelona


Day Tours in Barcelona

Spanish architecture. Museums and churches. Great places to explore. Exotic foods and people. You must be in Barcelona, Spain. Day tours in Barcelona are the perfect way to see this city.

Make one of your day tours in Barcelona a trip to see the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia. This beautiful Basilica of the Sacred Family is an amazing artwork. Huge spires topped with fruit. Intricate carved statues, stained glass, huge columns and a gorgeous pipe organ are just some of the things to see inside. The gospel is displayed in unique ways inside. Take a tour of the museum first, to get a good idea of what you are seeing. Be sure to arrive early. It will take all day to tour the basilica.

Day tours in Barcelona are a great way to experience some of the more interesting places. Casa Batllo is a 'Gaudi House'. The artist Gaudi designed some of the most famous places in Barcelona including this one. The Gaudi House is full of curved designs, scale-type roof shingles, beautiful colored glass and gorgeous mosaic stonework, which shows off the artists creative genius.

Day tours in Barcelona will not be complete without visiting one of the many museums. Tour the Picasso museum where fine works from the master are on display. The Hash Marihuana Canamo and Hemp Museum is a place filled with interesting displays and artifacts about the drugs and their uses. Taste a cannabis lollipop. Truly unique.

When you want some great food, day tours in Barcelona restaurants are a great way to experience the specials tastes of the city. Viana Barcelona offers gourmet food in an intimate setting. Cafe Manila has wonderful tapas, grilled octopus and tasty cocktails.

Day tours in Barcelona are a great way to see all that this city offers.